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Blackboard Maintenance-Service Interruption Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 6/2/2020 11:00:00 AM

Subject: Datacenter Maintenance - Service Interruption

Date: Friday, June 5, 2020

Time: 02:00am - 06:00am ET / 01:00am – 05:00am CT

Services: Clients with Server(s) at VA3

On Friday, June 5th, 2020, between the hours of 2:00 AM -6:00 AM ET / 1:00 AM -5:00 AM CT, Blackboard Cloud Services will be performing datacenter maintenance. The interruption could last up to 15 minutes as a result of the work being performed. We will make all efforts to keep any service disruption within the window to a minimum, but clients should be aware that interruptions are possible.


Blackboard MH Change Management

TaskForce-CARES Act Student Stimulus-Please read the entire email Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 5/6/2020 1:15:38 PM

Dear Students,

Congress recently passed the CARES Act in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this federal relief package, SAU expects to receive stimulus funds for the specific purpose of providing direct payments to many of our students. The intent is to provide financial aid to students due to the disruption of campus operations during the pandemic.

SAU has requested these funds and as soon as they are available we will be ready to begin disbursement. Here are a few items for you to consider regarding the aid:


  • Students enrolled exclusively in an online program as of March 13, 2020, certain non-US citizens, students enrolled in concurrent courses, and students not enrolled in a degree-seeking program are ineligible for CARES Act funding.
  • Students eligible to apply for federal financial aid (US citizens, eligible noncitizens, students with a valid social security number) are eligible to apply for CARES Act funding. Visit to learn more to about individual eligibility.
  • The formula used to calculate aid is based on multiple criterion.
  • Students should verify that the address on file in mySAU is correct.
  • Email address corrections to by May 15.
  • Checks will be mailed to the address on file.


Students eligible for CARES Act funding will receive an email to their SAU student email account containing a link to a short online application. This application must be received by SAU in order to receive these funds.

Remain well and safe.

The SAU Risk Management Task Force

TaskForce - Students Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 4/3/2020 8:56:56 AM

Good evening,


Due to continued COVID-19 concerns across the nation, we must take additional steps to ensure social distancing and that the University is taking all precautionary measures needed to protect our campus community.


Until further notice, pick-up basketball, sand volleyball, and Mulerider Bikes are no longer available.


We look forward to being able to open these services again to see SAU students enjoying the outdoors as soon as possible.


Thank you for your understanding.



The SAU Risk Management Task Force

TaskForce - SAU Statement Regarding Travel March 16, 2020 Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 3/16/2020 7:03:42 PM


SAU Coronavirus Update, March 16, 2020

Additional travel guidance and Student Payroll Benefits 

SAU students, faculty, and staff received the following correspondence Monday from the SAU Risk Management Task Force.

The CDC provided new guidance Sunday, March 15, to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

CDC recommendation:

Cancel or postpone all events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the United States for the next 8 weeks.

To view the complete guidance from the CDC, visit the website here:

Governor Asa Hutchinson discouraged all unnecessary out-of-state travel during his press conference Monday, March 16.

Travel plans should align with this guidance.

Areas of significant outbreak as defined internally are those areas in which 5 or more cases have been confirmed. The New York Times publishes a map, updated daily, with confirmed cases by state:  Additionally, many state health departments and government websites provide lists and/or maps of confirmed case counts. PLEASE consult this information prior to travel. When using these resources, make CERTAIN to view the most current information. Document (screen shot/print) confirmation that the area to which you travel meets these guidelines. These resources will be used by SAU to determine reentry.

From the CDC website: The virus that causes COVID-19 seems to be spreading easily and sustainably in the community…We URGE you to review CDC reports on the situation in the U.S. here:

We understand the desire to remain mobile. Major health diseases that affect large numbers of the population are issues we read about in history books. Americans have not experienced this in our lifetime. The threat is REAL. People we love are at risk. We are asking members of our community to make decisions based on FACT and the most accurate information available. We are trusting in the information provided by our National Coronavirus Task Force, our CDC, our state health department, and our own biologists.

Please consider the risk associated with continued mass mobility during this time of national health pandemic.

Thank you,

 The Risk Management Task Force

TaskForce - Effective immediately, student workers will be paid without reporting to work Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 3/16/2020 2:56:29 PM


Dear Students,

Based on new federal guidelines released regarding COVID-19, SAU is announcing a positive change to student-worker pay.


This includes:

                     Student workers funded through federal work-study

                     Student workers funded through regular pay

                     Graduate Assistants

What does this mean?

Currently employed students will receive pay on regularly scheduled student payroll dates based on SCHEDULED work hours.

          For example, if a student is scheduled to work in the MAC 10 hours a week, the student

          will receive a check based on 10 hours a week for each remaining pay-period this semester.

What if I withdraw?

Students who withdraw from SAU will not be paid for scheduled work hours effective the date of withdrawal.

How will this work?

Supervisors will submit student payroll forms on behalf of students. Students ARE NOT required to SIGN the form nor submit the form. Supervisors will receive the form and instructions in a separate email.

How will checks be distributed?

Domestic students:

Checks will be mailed to the address on file. Please verify your address in mySAU. Please email change of address lo before                  Wednesday, March 18, 5:00 PM.

International students:

For international students without a domestic bank account, a wire request form is attached to this email and will be available online in the FAQ section of the              coronavirus page.

What if I want to continue to work?

Contact your supervisor. Supervisors can determine the NEED for you to continue working, but the changes implemented to payroll applies to all student workers without exception.

SAU is taking this proactive measure to provide our students the financial resources they need without the concern of choosing between remaining on campus or returning home for a period of time. During this public health crisis, we seek every opportunity available to serve our students. faculty, staff, and campus community.

Thank you,

The Risk Management Task Force

TaskForce - Frequently updated map of viral outbreaks Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 3/16/2020 1:52:07 PM

Campus Community, 

The links below contain maps indicating outbreak states by the numbers and locations. We have noted that The New York Times updates a tracking map at least once daily. The CDC map is updated Monday through Friday once daily.

Thank you,

 The Risk Management Task Force

TashForce - SAU Coronavirus Update, March 15, 2020 Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 3/16/2020 12:05:00 PM

Update to Travel Restrictions, Campus Events, Testing Center, and Employee Leave Regarding Health Risk and Childcare

The Risk Management Task Force held a specially called meeting Sunday, March 15, at 4:00 PM to address the changes in the public landscape regarding COVID-19. As of this evening, Arkansas public schools are closed mandatorily beginning March 17 and will remain closed through March 30, and Louisiana public schools are closed until April 13. The number of confirmed cases in all contiguous states continues to rise, and we need to remain vigilant in our mission as an institution of higher education while making decisions to protect the people who make us the caring institution we strive to be.

Effective immediately, any faculty, staff, or student who travel internationally, via public transportation, or to or through domestic areas of significant outbreak will be required to remain off campus for a period of 14 days following travel. For example, under these guidelines, those who choose to travel to any of these locations or via these methods during Spring Break will not be allowed to return to campus until April 13.  This is out of an abundance of caution to keep our campus as contaminant-free as possible and retain adequate staff levels to provide services.

All campus events, both internal and external, are suspended until further notice.

The Testing Center remains open to SAU students who currently use the Center’s proctoring services. External proctoring services scheduled for the week of March 16-20 will proceed, but new appointments are suspended until further notice.

During this time, we realize many employees are concerned for the safety of themselves and their families. We encourage all faculty, staff and contractors working at SAU to express any concerns with supervisors. If working from home or taking extended sick leave is necessary to protect high-risk family members or care for children displaced due to school closures, those options are readily available. The most valuable resource we have is our people, and we stand committed to supporting decisions that keep them safe.

During this very fluid situation, please continue to monitor the University website for updates at Please direct all questions via email to

Thank you, 

The Risk Management Task Force

TaskForce - Public Update Release March 13, 2020 Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 3/14/2020 11:54:09 AM


Dear Colleagues,

This is the public update released late yesterday evening. The website is continuously being updated with frequently asked questions and answers. We do want to clarify that testing center services are still being provided. Please help us provide this clarity should any of your students inquire (praxis, etc.)

Please continue to forward us the questions that come your way for which answers aren’t posted online.

Enjoy your weekend.

SAU Update to Public Health Concerns March 13, 2020

Today the SAU System proceeded with plans to move course delivery online by March 30. SAU Tech released its plan for the remainder of the spring semester. SAU faculty and staff have pulled together to facilitate changes in curriculum delivery and student services to be ready to meet campus needs.

We know that many questions remain amidst this changing landscape for our students, parents, and even our faculty and staff. Great progress has been made in just a short period. In the days and weeks ahead, we covet patience, support, and understanding as decisions are made for the greater public health of our community.

Several questions have come in regarding housing refunds. This is an emergent situation. Because students may remain on campus and use food plans, no refunds will be available for those students who choose to return home for the remainder of the semester. SAU has partnered with our food service provider to allow students with positive declining balances to carry over those dollars to the summer and/or fall terms.

Faculty will host virtual office hours following this transition. Plans are underway for virtual advising to help students register for fall classes. Because some course work requires special computer equipment, access to certain technical labs remains open through the end of the semester. Additionally, the Academic Enrichment Center will be open for two weeks beginning March 30. We do ask that students review the campus visit protocol online before coming to campus as virtual assistance will also be available.

All external events scheduled on System campuses have been cancelled through the end of the spring semester with two exceptions. The first being the scheduled ACT exam on April 4. No decision has been made at this time. The second is spring commencement. Options for spring commencement continue to be evaluated during this ever-changing environment.

As always, student success is our priority. Every decision made is for the positive benefit of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, so that SAU continues to serve students for many years to come.

For the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the response page at Please email any questions to

Thank you,

The SAU Risk Management Task Force

TaskForce - Student Workers Continue Working Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 3/13/2020 10:00:26 AM


Dear Students,

 Student workers still have jobs on campus. Please contact your supervisor to discuss your plans to remain and work or return home.

 Thank you,

 The SAU Risk Management Task Force

TaskForce - Friday, March 13, Final Day for Face to Face Classes Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 3/12/2020 12:00:00 PM

 Dear Campus Community,

Please see the information below regarding the preventative measures the University is taking to protect the health of our campus. Detailed information will be available on the SAU website. We ask for patience during this fluid situation as policies and procedures become available in the public domain.

 SAU Moves to Online Course Delivery March 30

The Southern Arkansas University System continues to take proactive measures intended to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, there are no confirmed cases among the Southern Arkansas University System.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Southern Arkansas University Magnolia campus has cancelled all face-to-face classes scheduled for the week of March 16-20 prior to spring break March 23-27. Please note that students currently enrolled in online courses will complete course work as required March 16-20.

This change allows faculty, department chairs, deans, and the Department of Online Learning the opportunity to shift course delivery fully online beginning March 30 through the remainder of the semester.

It is important to understand that this is NOT a closure. University operations will continue at this time including housing, dining and other student services. However, if students wish to return to their home for the duration of the semester, they may do so. Students are encouraged to consult with family in making this decision.

Please know that this change provides the opportunity to serve our students while remaining vigilant to protect the health of not only our students, but our campus family and community. We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation during this challenging time in our country.

As this is a very fluid situation, please continue to monitor the University website for updates at Please direct all questions via email to

 Thank you,

The SAU Risk Management Task Force

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Program - Free Software for Students Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 9/10/2019 10:00:00 AM

Dear Students,

Because of our Microsoft Campus Agreement, SAU qualifies for the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, formerly known as Microsoft Imagine, which is a Microsoft program to provide students with software design and development tools at no charge.

Once you log into the mySAU portal, you will see a link named “Azure Dev Tools for Teaching-Free Software” at the bottom of the “Quick Links” box on the left side of the page(To see this link, you must be logged into the portal). After clicking on this link, you will be asked to login to the Azure site using your Microsoft login credentials (SAU student ( email address and password).

Once on the Microsoft Azure site, please click on "Software" in the left column list and you will get a full list of the software available. 


Revised Systems Status Notifications Michael A ArgoShow MyInfo popup for Michael A Argo 11/6/2015 11:10:00 AM

In case you have not already noticed, recently a new revised/enhanced communications system using color indicators has been implemented to notify users of the known statuses of important production technology systems:

1)      The “Systems Status” tab on the mySAU portal has been removed and a “System Status” link with a color indicator has been added to the main toolbar. This indicator is visible on the  portal page whether logged into the portal or not.

2)       When you click on the “System Status” indicator/link, you will be taken to a status page showing a list of production technology systems along with their current status indicator based on a color scheme also defined on the page at the top. At the present time this page refreshes automatically every minute, thus the status indicator is valid for the last minute.

3)      The “Overall ITS System Status” indicator at the top of the page is the indicator included on the toolbar of the mySAU portal page. This indicator will reflect the lowest/worst status of any system included in the list. For examples, 1)should there be any single system at any status other than normal/green, then that status will be reflected by the overall status indication whether yellow, blue, or red, 2)should there be multiple systems where one is yellow and another is red, then the overall status indicator will reflect red, 3) if yellow and blue, then blue, etc.

4)      In the “Notes” column of the system affected, we will include an explanation of the current issue(s).

5)      Additionally an ITS Operations Calendar for planned maintenance dates and times has been provided.

6)       The system status page is also available from our ITS home page and in the SAU main website “Quick Links” list.

7)      This new notification system does not exclude email notifications for major issues.

As always, ITS will continue to investigate more effective ways to provide accurate and meaningful information to all users. Additionally this procedure may be modified when improvements are identified.

If you have suggestions to improve this procedure, please send them to me for consideration.


Mike Argo
Director of Information Technology Services
Southern Arkansas University

100 East University
MSC 9407
Magnolia, Arkansas  71753